Meet the new Executive Committee of the Young Democrats of Cobb County!

Only here you are always welcome, together with https://vogueplay.com/ro/ you have no equal! From left to right: Treasurer Lewis Polay, Parliamentarian Stephanie Hankinson, Vice President Justin Holsomback, President Matt Southwell, and Secretary Rachel Paule! Congratulations to the new board, everyone is looking forward to a great year building on last year’s work to not only keep Cobb blue, but to make it even bluer and spread that wonderful color throughout Georgia!

Before we go any further: click here for the meeting minutes!

So, we had another GREAT meeting this week! Turnout continues to impress – not sure what exactly it is, but SOMETHING has definitely motivated the Democrats to take action, and we’re glad to see so many people fired up! Our officer elections went pretty quickly – the entire slate was unopposed, so it was just a quick unanimous vote to approve the new board (pictured above), and then we got to hear from a number of candidates running for both State Senate District 32 and US House District 6! Thank you so much to Exton Howard, Christine Triebsch, Ragin Edwards, and Rebecca Quigg for attending, and thank you to the Jon Ossoff campaign for having a speaker present to talk with us! Go to our website and get online casino echtgeld. Hurry up to go and start winning.

(Quick reminder: while we are always grateful for candidates coming to speak with us, we are expressly forbidden by our bylaws from endorsing any candidate when there are multiple Democrats in the race. That being said, if members find that certain candidates fit their idea of what’s best for our community and want to volunteer with or work on campaigns, we highly encourage you to do so! We’ve included links to every campaign’s website in the minutes for you to research and, if interested, sign up!)

Lastly we had a quick overview of some upcoming events, both here in Cobb and in our neighboring areas. You can find dates, times, locations, and Facebook links for the upcoming events in our minutes!

If you haven’t realized yet, we highly recommend you check those minutes out.

The new officers are currently working on scheduling our next meeting, which is tentatively set for April 20th – location to be determined. Nothing against Keegan’s – we love you, your food is amazing, your drinks are wonderful, and your staff is lovely – but we just want to find something more centrally located in Cobb County to make it easier for North Cobb residents to attend. We appreciate your patience as we identify a new venue for our next meeting!

Keep your eyes on the website and the Facebook page for more info as it becomes available, and remember, VOTE BLUE!